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// Welcome to Scribble Moon //

Hello! and welcome to scribblemoon! A weekly Sailor Moon themed fanart contest community! ^^ Each week a theme will be chosen and members of the community are encouraged to submit their best fanart representing the given theme. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Most Creative place winners will receive banners at the end of the week. The 1st place winner will also have their icon used as the community icon for the week.

Read the rules BEFORE submitting and voting, please!
∙No flaming. No bashing of art. It will not be tolerated.
∙Any version of Sailor Moon is acceptable - anime, manga, live action/sera myu, etc.
∙Nudity and intimacy are allowed, but keep it tasteful. No XXX/hentai stuff here, there are other communities for that. Keep in mind that if we find the material too risque, we may chose to reject the submission.
∙You may submit up to 2 drawings per theme - but please stick to the given theme.
∙ONLY submit fanart you have drawn. If anyone breaks this rule and is caught you will be banned. Everyone in the community please help look out for art theives.
∙Fanart can not have been submitted or posted/promoted anywhere else prior to being submitted here. Once the winners are announced for the week you are allowed to post your fanart where ever you want.
∙Do not, I repeat, do not rally people to come vote for you. It just isn't fair to the others participating.
∙We discourage the re-drawing of official artwork (ie. looking at a picture of Sailor Moon and copying it), even if it wasn't traced, we want to see your own ideas!

Submitting artwork
∙You may submit up to two images per theme
∙Please post your submissions in the submissions post!
∙When submitting please include the image, and your name or nickname, and the title of your piece (if applicable)
∙Any medium is acceptable. Oekaki, marker, painting, b&w pencil etc~ Whatever you are comfortable with.

∙Each Friday, members will be asked to pick the most creative entry and then 3 entries that are their favorites. Please list them as follows

Most creative // Favorite // 2nd Favorite // 3rd Favorite.

For each 1st favorite vote the picture will be awarded 3 points, 2nd favorite will be awarded 2 points and 3rd Favorite will be awarded 1 point.
∙Please do not vote on your own entries, it will not be counted.
∙Voting will be opened Friday Night till Sunday Night 9pm Eastern.
∙On Monday the new contest will be announced

∙ 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and Most Creative winners will receive banners at the end of the week.
∙ The 1st place winner will also have their icon used as the community icon for the week.
∙ The Most Creative Winning Entry will get to pick the community's next theme! -If in the event the mods do not hear back from them before Monday, the mods will select a new theme.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact one of the mods!

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